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At Campfire we strive to help teens connect and find activities to do. Our services consist of helping you find like-minded friends and things to do with those friends. Our target audience is teenagers who are looking to make new friends and build fun, life-long connections with them. 



Expand Your Social Circle, Get Out Of Your Bubble


Make New Friends

With Campfire, making new friends is easy with our diagnostic test and friend searching services.



With our easy-to-use interface, you will be able to text and have a video call with your friends. To ensure our users are of age you will have to verify with your school ID.


Find New Activities

Find new and fun locations and things to do with your friends with our custom user generated map which is calibrated to you and your interests.

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Premier Service
Ultimate Service

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  • Interest Survey

  • ​15 daily matches

  • 1 daily super match

  • Suggested places to go based on interests /apply a price range/distance range

  • Page of upcoming events at places near you

  • Discounts at select locations when found through the app (through codes)

  • A map providing directions to the places and things around you that you want to go to/do

  • Emergency Safety Button, sends police to your location Block feature Report feature


  • Customize app theme

  • Access to a more in-depth survey to get to know you

  • 20 daily matches 

  • 5 daily super matches

  • Customize distance of possible matches

  • Audio call feature 

  • Get more in-depth information on places and things around you to go to/do

  • Ability to favorite places

  • Page of upcoming events at places near you and favorite places

  • Discounts at select locations when found through the app (through codes)


  • Customize app colors & theme

  • Unlimited daily matches

  • Unlimited daily super matches

  • Customize distance of possible matches

  • Chat feature

  • Video call feature

  • The feature that suggests places to go to based on your interests with the option to apply a price range and a distance range

  • Search feature to find specific locations



We Strive To Connect

Campfire strives to give teens safe and enjoyable opportunities to build social skills while creating meaningful relationships with their peers. After the recent times of hardships due to the global pandemic, people are longing to make up for the time they have missed. Due to the fact that the world was in lockdown, individuals have lacked the opportunity to experience the world around them. Our company aims to connect all teenagers around the world by giving them the chance to develop lifelong relationships with others by having a chance to interact simply through an app or website. In addition, Campfire also gives individuals ranges of where to spend time with others with their debt. People can filter out where they can go and what they want to do according to their own price range. Safety is our top priority. We have multiple features in place to ensure our user's safety.  Campfire is aware of the deficits that families have faced and therefore wants to give teens around the world the chance to make up for what they lost.


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